Excel Cup

The Queensland Excel Cup provides an exciting, low cost entry level Circuit Racing format which enables motoring enthusiasts from all walks of life to partake in competitive motor-racing!
The series facilitates a safe & competitive environment where drivers are able to improve their driving skills.

Competitors in the series can compete at Lakeside Raceway and Queensland Raceway in 8 rounds of exciting car racing every year!

How to get involved

Buying a car

There are typically a number of race ready Excels for sale at any given time. Most are advertised on either eBaymy105.com, or gumtree. You can also contact us

Car specifications

All Excel’s must adhere to the car specifications. EXCEL CUP SERIES RULES 18042018

If you are unsure about anything written in the guidelines, please contact us.

Also please read the QR regs – http://qldraceways.com.au/files/Vehicle_and_Apparel_%20Requirements%20%20%2000-52D-2.pdf

Race Numbers

Please view the Race Number Registry and choose a free number. Once you have entered and paid for your first event, email Brett on admin@nulltrackattack.com.au to notify us of your chosen number. At seasons end or if you haven’t raced for 12 months any numbers that have not had active competition will be deleted, and made available. Race numbers cannot be reserved – no racing – no number. Race Numbers are to be self provided, please view specifications on page four of the Car Specifications document.

Race Number Registry

View (Click to Expand)


3 Luke Weber

4 Adam Pearson

5 Gary Olsen

6 Jayden Faulkner

7 Harry Haggarty

8 Scott Kelly

9 Warren King

10 Brendan Martin

11 Slideways

12 Sophie Pilkington

13 Mark Lewis


15 Brock Plumb

16 James van Roon

17 Simon Winters

18 Jason Haren

19 Corey Willis

20 Rob Oshlack

21 John Carter

22 Team BGreen



25 Cam Wilson



28 Mark Goldspink

29 David Potter

30 Nigel Statham

31 Ben Simpson




35 Matt Wells

36 Mick McLeod

37 Daniel Peasey





42 Dave Shinners

43 Seiton Young

44 Daniel Natoli


46 Brad Smith




50 Mark Pryor/Chris Donnelly

51 BPro

52 Bpro

53 BPro

54 Brett Parrish

55 Frank Mammarella

56 Ben Grice


58 Matthew Gilmour




62 Darren Currie


64 Scott Haggarty

65 Thomas Needham


67 Scott Green

68 Track Attack

69 Micheal Tuckwood

70 Tony Hambly

71 Simon Ritchie






77 Joe Murphy

78 Steve Pilkington

79 Luke Bremner


81 Kandice Walker





86 Ben Wilcox

87 Daniel Pearson

88 John Sheridan

89 Xander Antonieff/Micheal Tuckwood

90 Bao Mai

91 Ben Smith

92 Gordon Smith

93 Broc Feeney

94 Nicholas McLeod

95 Tyrone Gautier



98 Chris Wilkins

99 Cliff Sedgley

100 Laurie Keene

101 Greg Robertson

111 Slideways

139 Andrew Bond

165 Thomas Needham

195 Tomas Gasperak

297 Jasen Hannagan

337 Richard Peasey

351 Mitchell Witt

498 Aaron Cameron

555 Kaden Olsen

557 Joshua Richards

671 Bradley Carr

777 Holly Espray

808 Robert Buckley

811 Brad Carr

911 Jeremy Butler

Race License

You will need a QR National Race Licence which are issued by Queensland Raceways.

If this is your first race meeting and you don’t have an QR National Race Licence, Queensland Raceway can issue you a $60.00 day licence providing you have a clubman license*.

You must attend the 7:45am Safety Briefing and you should have participated in five or more Sprint Meets. If you’ve raced before, or been observed with six consistently fast laps during the qualifying session you will qualify for a day or annual National Race Licence.

Queensland Raceways will accept an CAMS Circuit Competition Licence as demonstration of your driving ability, however you will need an QR Licence for your insurance requirements.

*You can purchase a one year Clubman License for $55.00. For all licensing enquires, please call Queensland Raceways directly on 1800 RACERS


View the latest results – Excel series points 2018 post Rd 8

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Keema Excel Cup Series

Driver, vehicle and apparel requirements

To view the Vehicle and Apparel Requirements, click here.

All drivers must download and sign –  Code of conduct

This form must be used for driving standard complaints – 2017-Driver-Conduct-Complaint Form

N.B. All competitors racing at QR and Lakeside must wear a HANS device.

Other competitors

To network with other Excel racers, simple like our facebook page.


Control Parts & Tyres

DBA Brake Pads | Part No. DB1252HR
These pads are the only permitted front brake pads – $159 per set.

Available from Track Attack, 36 Beach st, Kippa Ring

Control tyre – Dunlop Direzza II 195/50/15
This tyre will be the mandatory control tyre from Round 1, 2016
$145 each (inc GST) fitted & balanced through: Queensland Raceways
Call 5461 9100

While during the normal course of changing tyres unwanted tyres can incur a $10.00 fee to dispose of, if left at the premises.